Posey Lane Weddings is a niche planner specializing in intimate weddings + elopements for couples who value minimalism and simplicity.


You know that feeling you get when you realize you really don't want a huge wedding with all the traditional bells and whistles and family drama? That distinct pang in your stomach when you think about how much you would have to organize, how many people you'd have to entertain and the money you'd have to spend to pull it all off?

You can bypass all the drama and the spending and the stressing, and celebrate in a beautiful, meaningful and intimate way. With an intimate wedding, your day is a celebration and not a day for you to host. It is simply two humans pledging their love with only their closest family and friends - no bridal party, no crazy guest list, no fuss.

Posey Lane is all about picture-perfect venues, powerful vows and capturing every smile and tear. That's what we live for.

Taking on only a select number of celebrations each year, Posey Lane Weddings is able to create a truly bespoke experience for every single couple. To inquire about your wedding date and kick fuss to the curb, send us a note today.



Posey Lane Weddings

Calgary, Alberta