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Calligraphy isn’t just graceful penmanship. It’s an organic art. An art that must be practised almost relentlessly - and Debbie does just that. If you’ve ever stumbled upon her Instagram page, you’ve seen the evidence of the progress of her work. The basic strokes and advanced letterforms she practises over and over are in pursuit of perfection, and train both her eye and her muscle memory.

But her hand is as comfortable with a brush as it is with a nib. She is a watercolour artist too. With a variety of strokes, inks, paints and papers, she designs the prettiest placards, invitation suites and menus you’ve ever laid eyes on.

Debbie's watercolour suites are unique and bright. Whether the design is edgy or romantic, the final result is a literal work of art. Personally, I'm crazy about the colour-washed look – especially those in the more feminine hues!

Debbie and I have worked together on styled wedding shoots, and I can personally attest to the quality of her work. It blows my mind. Every. Single. Time.


The Gab Sesh

Q: With your stationery suites, which accompaniments are available?

A: You have your pick! I like to assemble a three-piece suite, and the couple can choose between: invite, Save the Date, RSVP, thank you cards, bridal shower, map directions, ceremony program or menu card. If they need more than three pieces, that’s not a problem either.

Q: Do you address invitation envelopes as well?

A: I do! I offer four calligraphy styles, from traditional to modern calligraphy. Depending on the color of the envelopes, I let my couple choose the ink color. It can be from black, white, sparkly ink to colored ink.

Q: What are the options for colour, paper, ink and fonts?

A: For paper, I offer matte, linen, watercolor, bamboo paper and hand-deckled cotton rag paper. Color is dependent on each invitation suite. I work with my couple to come up with a theme and color palette, before it gets painted and digitized for printing. Some couples like a colorful look, while others prefer moodier colors.

Q: What are some unique mediums aside from paper for menus and place cards?

A: My favorite are agates and marble tiles for place cards! It’s a great souvenir for guests to take home since it’s personalized with their names. Other unique options for place cards are leaves, shells, sand dollars and wood.

For menus, small acrylic plexiglass is a unique choice and it looks elegant displayed on a table setting.

Q: How long does it take for the invitations to be delivered?

A: It can take 4-8 weeks from the design process to printing, depending how many pieces I need to design and number of envelopes to address. It’s always better to start early!

Q: Do you design custom wedding motifs or monograms?

A: I can! I love designing custom monograms, especially for thank you cards. I find out the wedding theme elements, the couple’s special interests or hobbies, and create a crest to represent them.

Q: What do you like to do when you’re not designing stationery?

A: I love to watch movies. Any Disney movie or action movies (especially Captain America movies) gets my vote.

Q: What’s your favourite wedding venue in the city?

A: The Calgary Zoo. There are so many different and versatile areas to take photos at. Plus your guests are easily entertained at the zoo between the ceremony and reception time.

Q: Do you have any guilty pleasures?

A: Wolfing down Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or Kit Kat bars.

Q: What one piece of advice would you offer a bride-to-be?

A: It’s never too early to start planning to avoid stress and disappointment, especially during summers when vendors and venues get booked up.

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