My Top 3 Wedding Day Regrets

If I could turn back time...
I'm a planner. To the core. For my own wedding, I planned a colour scheme, revamped the guest list 10 times and was determined to pull off the ceremony and party of a lifetime.
But no matter how sure I was of certain things, I find myself still wishing for a do-over. I'm sharing them with you so you don't make the same mistakes!
Here goes...
1) Speeding through our photos.
We had an evening ceremony and reception. Sure, we did a First Look, but by the time 8 o'clock had hit, my husband and I were chomping at the bit to join our guests and start the celebration. And so we did. It wasn't until we were combing through the photos a while later that I realized we missed something SUPER important - photos with our daughter. Sniff sniff.
2) Not being more attentive to our guests.
Our wedding was also a reunion of sorts. For a lot of guests, including my closest friends, it had been close to 20 years since we were last together as a group. So once the dance party started, the time I spent OFF the dance floor was very little. And so in the end, there were at least a handful of guests that I really wish I had spent more time with.
3) Not hiring a Day-of Coordinator.
(Might sound biased coming from me, but it's true!) I spent the better part of year building my wedding Pinterest board. (You all know about that, right?) I had big plans and a vision of how I wanted the space to look and how I wanted our guests to feel. Well things didn't exactly go as planned. You can't expect your friends and family to magically produce something that will make your heart race. You can't expect your day to flow just as you'd imagined if nobody's managing it. You can't just assume your vendors will show up on time and know where to set-up. It just doesn't work that way. If I could do it all over again, my hubby and I agree that we would hire a professional wedding coordinator. 100%.
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