This Girl Just Hired A Wedding Coordinator

So you’re a DIYer. You are planning your wedding on your own and on a budget. Besides, a big, fancy wedding is just not your jam and there’s no room for luxuries like a wedding planner or coordinator.

I get it. I’ve walked in those shoes. I was a DIY bride. And while the planning process was definitely excruciating at times, what was even more excruciating was having to run the show behind the scenes on my big day. Sure, I had assigned tasks to some of my ‘maids and a couple of the groomsmen, but many of the issues that arose throughout the day just circled right back and slapped me in the face.

Here’s the thing: you should enjoy your wedding day. You should be blissfully oblivious when Aunt Rosemary discovers a minor catastrophe in the kitchen. And when Cousin Mark gets a little too fresh with your bridesmaid. And when your M.C. can’t find the microphone. And when your best man realizes he forgot one of the rings. On the most important day of your life, you should be free! Free to bask in the moment and celebrate with the most significant people in your life.

As a wedding coordinator, my job is to set up and schedule. To mitigate and diffuse. To cue and liaise. To make sure that the food stays hot, the DJ knows when to stop the music, the photographer gets your must-have shots, the drunken Uncle switches to coffee and the teenagers stay out of trouble (and the wine!).

Think about it. Who's going to cue the photographer? The D.J.? The Officiant? Who will cue the processional, the toasts, the cake cutting? What if the caterer gets lost? The florist is late? Your Maid of Honour is MIA?

Some couples feel comfortable assigning tasks to their mothers or the maid of honour, but wouldn’t it be so much sweeter to let them just do what they’re supposed to do on the best day ever? They should be enjoying themselves right along side of you. If you’re nodding your head right now, go ahead and give yourself the best wedding gift ever - a day-of coordinator!

I am so insanely enthusiastic about managing weddings and so genuinely invested in the success of your whole experience. From the moment you book Posey Lane for your Calgary, Canmore or Banff wedding, I start putting all the pieces of your planning puzzle together to create a plan for the big day. I will contact all of your vendors, customize a timeline, send your wedding party the necessary information and once the day arrives, I’ll be the first to arrive at the venue to greet your vendors, set up personal items and be the main contact for any questions or concerns that arise.

Here’s our bottom line: Do you need a wedding coordinator? No. But you may very well want one.