Celebrate What Makes You You

Whether you're a Game of Thrones fanatic, a die-hard gamer, a tattoo enthusiast, the bass player in a death-metal band or just plain anti-cookie cutter, it's oh-so-important to make your big day unique to you and your partner.

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What Grooms Want

Here’s the lowdown: for a dude, wedding planning is basically just picking his battles. He’s not interested in looking at a zillion photos of cakes. He’s doesn’t care if you choose the navy napkins over the white. And he sure as sh!t doesn’t care if you wear a wedge heel or a pump.

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Glam, Romantic {*Winter*} Wedding Inspiration

Yes, I said it. The "w" word. I know, I know - summer's just starting to breathe life into the beautiful flowers on your patio and you're not ready to even think about winter.

But seriously! What's more romantic than a blanket of fresh snow and a winter wedding?

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Creating A KILLER Wedding Playlist

Don’t leave your wedding music to chance. Take the time to carefully plan it out and give a list to your band or D.J. of your must-plays, when to play them and your don’t-plays. (But don't overdo it!) Fill it with fun songs, love songs, happy songs and pack-the-dance floor songs.

Debbie Wong Design

Calligraphy isn’t just graceful penmanship. It’s an organic art. An art that must be practised almost relentlessly - and Debbie does just that. If you’ve ever stumbled upon her Instagram page, you’ve seen the evidence of the progress of her work. The basic strokes and advanced letterforms...

"Vintage For Hire"

The story of Calgary's favourite vintage rentals company, Orange Trunk, begins with a cake tin. A vintage treasure that planted the seed for what would be the life force of owner and curator Heather Johnston. That simple piece of 60-year-old metal sparked in her an affinity for all-things-vintage and a passion for collecting.