Calgary, Alberta


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If you love margaritas, the petty (but mind-numbing) drama of The Real Housewives and shopping at Anthropologie, you’ll feel right at home with Nikki. She is a wedding connoisseur with a flair for designing events that are just a little outside the box – what she likes to describe as untypical celebrations with hardcore heart.

It all started back in 2016 when Nikki was a bride herself. Countless hours were spent researching vendors, getting quotes, figuring out contract terms and constantly explaining her (very specific!) vision for her own big day. She hired some and fired some, screamed and shouted into her pillow, and added and removed a billion things from her must-have list. It was a year of ups and downs. In the end, she married the man of her dreams in the company of her favourite people. But it was the struggle of planning that played in the back of her mind for weeks after the wedding. 

Within a couple of months, Posey Lane Weddings was born. Nikki knew she had to help other brides-and-grooms-to-be through the gruelling process she’d just survived. Having worked in project management in a past life, it was a natural fit.

Though you may not guess it from her accent (or lack thereof), Nikki is originally from the charming island of Newfoundland. She is true to her roots - friendly, genuine, fun-loving and witty. When she moved to Calgary in 2004, she brought with her just three suitcases and a TV. Seven years and seven homes later, she met her Nova Scotian hubs Andrew and the rest as they say is history. These days, Nikki lives for the sweet storytelling of her four-year-old daughter Isla. It's the little things, like the tales of “fairy godmuddahs” and princesses and dragons that keep her grounded.

Nikki's design work has been featured in Confetti magazine, Rocky Mountain Bride, Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride, Style Inspired Weddings and The Perfect Palette.

Having grown up with dreams of becoming a top-notch wedding planner, it was as if the stars aligned when she was given the opportunity to work with Posey Lane. And from the very first wedding she coordinated alongside Nikki, it was blatantly obvious that she was a natural.

Amanda’s intuitive sense of the littlest details that make an event memorable, her ability to blend into the background when necessary and her determination to execute the perfect day are evident in every task she carries out for her clients. Amanda has one of those rare gifts that allow her to foresee potential obstacles and effectively diffuse less-than-ideal situations in the blink of an eye.

A true Calgarian, Amanda is a country girl who spends her wedding-free weekends with her partner Erik and their four-year-old daughter, Grace. You can typically find them camping, hiking or roadtripping.


Someday she hopes to be able to incorporate her second passion into her repertoire, by offering makeup services to her clients' bridal parties.